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  • 5-10 October 2021
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15 tips for first time campers

If you’re a camping novice and you want to go camping, you can benefit from visiting the first camping exhibition of Turkey, Camp & Caravan Istanbul, where you will find everything a camper needs.


The latest and the best camping equipment will be at the exhibition which will take place between the dates of February 23 – March 3, 2019 at CNR Expo Yeşilköy.


You can have the dream vacation with our 15 camping tips:


1.     Choose your campsite after you decide which sports you plan on doing.

2.     After you make your decision, consider the weather conditions.

3.     Get a map of your campsite.

4.     Choose a tent which will keep you warm, depending on the season.

5.     The better your tent, the more comfortable you will be.

6.     If you plan on using sleeping bags, don’t forget your mats.

7.     You need camping chairs, and if you get a camping table it’ll be more convenient for you.

8.     You could benefit from a battery powered cooler backpack.

9.     Get yourself a lightweight cutlery and cooking set designed for camping.

10.   Take your polar clothes with you no matter which season it is.

11.   Make sure you have a tent lamp.

12.   Take insect and mosquito repellents with you.

13.   Don’t forget to get a first aid-kit for bug bites, ankle sprains and cuts.

14.   You can buy a portable camping toilet.

15.   Zip up your tent while sleeping!