• Camp and Caravan, Hunting and Outdoor Sports Fair
  • 5-10 October 2021
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The caravan industry offers a new type of holiday

In Turkey, white-collar workers have different holiday expectations now. They’re choosing caravan holidays which is much more affordable and doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.


People in Turkey have become more informed in the recent years, tending towards nature. As a result, the caravan holiday is becoming more and more popular amongst lots of excited travelers, which mobilizes the caravan industry.


In Turkey, there are 8 caravan manufacturers, the majority operating in Adapazarı. There are also manufacturers and distributors in Bursa and Ankara.


The market is dominated by domestic manufacturers, and those we spoke to state that they sell approximately 600 caravans annually, adding that this number is very small compared to the potential of the Turkish market, which they say is about 5 billion Euros.


The prices of pulling caravans range from 15 thousand to 45 thousand Turkish Liras while motorhome prices range from 60 thousand Turkish Liras to 90 thousand Turkish Liras.