• Camp and Caravan, Hunting and Outdoor Sports Fair
  • 5-10 October 2021
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The New Normal Comes with Camp & Caravan Istanbul

As a part of the new normalization process across the world, all sectors meet new demands and expectations which have increased following the previous period. The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide has caused adventurers and vacation lovers to seek new locations and more isolated ways of traveling. Vacationers have switched from collective and crowded options to nature, focusing on camping, caravanning, and the outdoors.
For the Camping & Caravanning Sector, This Period Means Inevitable and Remarkable Growth
The global camping and caravanning market has reached a value of nearly $49.9 billion in 2019, offering a much cheaper alternative to traditional vacations. This value is expected to grow even further in 2020, with camping and outdoor events becoming the favorite attraction for travelers all around the world.
Sales of camping and outdoor sports materials have increased by 6 times compared to those in 2019, while the sales of motor caravans in Europe have risen by 20% on average in 2019. The sector anticipates these numbers to rise as well in 2020, especially considering that 210,000 new motor caravans and caravans sold throughout 2019, which represents the second-best sales number in the industry’s history.
As the interest in camping increases in Turkey, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has started applying incentive policies for each province. Also improvement works have been undertaken for over 100 campsites located in Turkey, such as the most preferred vacation spots including Akyaka Forest Camp in Muğla, Yedigöller in Bolu, Çubucak Forest Camp in Marmaris, Aladağlar in Niğde, Kabak Bay in Fethiye, Muğla Kapıdağ Peninsula in Balıkesir, Dedegöl Mountain in Isparta, İnbükü Forest Camp in Marmaris, Butterfly Valley in Ölüdeniz and more, as well as camping area plans for every city.
Since the new normal brings a new meaning to communing with nature in isolation, the camping and caravanning tourism is expected to accelerate at a high pace in Turkey as well; expecting to welcome a high number of campers in the most popular vacation spots, which increases the demand for camping and outdoor materials.
Reconnect with the Sector at Camp & Caravan Istanbul
To meet the rising demands for camping, caravanning, outdoor sports products, and materials, Camp & Caravan Istanbul will once again provide the biggest trading platform of the industry in Eurasia on October 5-10, 2021 at CNR EXPO Istanbul Expo Center.
The exhibition, which is the preferred destination of world-renowned brands will give you the chance to build new business connections and introduce your products to tens of thousands of nature enthusiasts from all over the world