• Camp and Caravan Equipments, Outdoor Product Supplies Fair
  • 21 February-1 March 2020
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CNR Expo-İstanbul Airport free transport sevice

A free shuttle for guests visiting CNR Camp & Caravan Istanbul - Camp & Caravan Equipment, Outdoor Product Supplies Fair will be available between Istanbul Airport and CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center.
From Istanbul Airport to CNR EXPO Our guests who would like to use transportation service should not leave the building and wait by the "Meeting Point 3 - Buluşma Noktası 3" designated with a yellow sign. Staff will arrive close to the departure time and guide our guests to the transport cars. Our guests should wait by the "Meeting Point 3 - Buluşma Noktası 3" signs before 15 minutes of transport.
From CNR EXPO to Istanbul Airport Our transport cars for the *CNR - Istanbul Airport route will be taking off from the main entrance door between "Hall 2" and "Hall 5". We kindly request our guests to wait by the *2-5 Ana Giriş Kapısı - Main Entrance Door* 15 minutes prior to departure.
Terminal Operations Manager
Phone:+90 536 820 68 84